My Story

Gold has been a part of me since I was a baby.

lady gold
By: Dani Anelisse.

When I was 2 years old, my grandmother gave me a golden bracelet. I wore it everyday.

Then I grew up, and the bracelet became part of me, literally. I forgot to take it off, and my hand was too big now for the bracelet to come off. I thought that was amazing.

So now I understand that gold was always going to be an important part in my life. A reminder to always “Be Gold. Stay Gold.” Like children are. Always pure, innocent and amazed by the world.

The More I Give, The More I Receive.

Just like the bees while pollinating, they do not keep all of the pollen to themselves, but they go and share all of their wisdom with all the other bees to create something beautiful, magical and delicious.

What is the use of having all of this wisdom and information within us, if we are not going to share it with anyone?

We came to this world to enjoy. And share our reality, our knowledge, our ideas, our pleasures, our happiness, and therefore enjoy the different worlds in every one. Discover different realities, different colors, different senses. The same happens with the bees. They love finding beauty in every flower, collecting their gold, their pollen and then sharing it with everyone else, to create something better.

Gold is light. Gold is love. Love is the highest form of vibration.

As Carl Jung mentions in his book The Secret Of The Golden Flower:

“The higher soul, loves life. Most of us have epiphanies when our minds seem to open to sky-like consciousness and a sense of deep appreciation overcomes us. Those moments when we love life give us glimpses of our true nature.”

Golden Flower means light. And in order to find the light, we must seek it. Connecting with our inner child again and finding the magic in everything, and then share it.

I have always liked rainbows. Because they represent all of this knowledge. They are formed by light. The purest light. And every rainbow leads you to the gold. The treasure. The enjoyment. Because when you are in harmony with the universe, and with yourself, you love yourself and you love life. Your inner rainbow (chakras) is balanced. And that is the highest form of vibration, that is when you are filled with light, literally. And that makes you find paradise right here. As it should be. For everyone. If they want to. If they are conscious and aware.

So now, I’ve found my mission: To share. Share my gold. My love and my pleasures.

Ina gold

I’ve realised that the simplest things are the ones that connect you to the source. And I’ve understood that everything is made of colors. Vibrations. Our chakras, our bodies, our energy.

And every chakra, is connected to a certain sense. Every color heals something different inside of us. We need to enjoy everything around us. To connect. To awaken.

When you share your story, you help other people heal. And you heal too.

“I consider myself a sensualist.”

lady gold
By: Cuauhtemoc Suarez.

By savouring life, we awaken our senses. And our senses connects us to our soul. They are the door to paradise.

Society has taught us wrong in so many ways. Creating a disconnection with ourselves, our nature, our reality. Making it all about growing up and making money.

It is time we awaken. It is time we start savouring everything that happens in us. It is time to create community again. Create magic circles. Make rituals. Connect with other people around the world. Heal ourselves, love ourselves. Do what we really love. Enjoy every sense, just like kids. Believe in rainbows. Plant beautiful gardens and celebrate life. Just like that.

“This is the biggest revolution against the system you can create in these times: loving yourself and being happy.”

lady gold
By: Dani Anelisse.

 This is Ina Gold.

Ina Gold is an artist, sensualist and cultural provocateur who enjoys life.
She believes that self love is the answer to everything.  She celebrates femininity and believes that we need it more than ever to help save the world.
More intuition, magic, pleasure, rituals, gardens, community, art, dance, creativity, and self love please.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently living in New York City, with her partner and three beautiful kids.

Ina Gold loves communicating, in every single way. She is always either painting, blogging, djing, organizing events such as: The Kiss Yourself Parties, Sensuary Circles, Exhibitions, or random interventions like The “What Gives You Pleasure” Intervention at the New Museum in NYC.

lady gold
By: Alberto Pinto.

She has always been fascinated with painting. Since she was 2 years old, she remembers sitting down with her grandpa (also an artist) and being able to achieve every color combination perfectly.

Throughout her art, she likes illustrating all of those issues related with the repression of nature in men and women. Illustrating them as something very normal, innocent and colourful.


lady 4

She has always loved doing portraits of people. In a comic, provocative, kind of way. She is very good at reading people, and really seeing them. So her illustrations are always very intuitive and on point.

She started a new project called: Healing Portraits.
In which clients express all the things they do not like about themselves. Applying alchemy, 
she transforms all the negative into positive affirmations towards the painting, adding a few drops of liquid gold into every color she uses. Gold being the best conductor of information.

This way, when she paints, she repeats positive affirmations she does specially for every client. Words like: “I am love, I am light, I am magic”.

Anyone who has a Healing Portrait hanging on their walls, has a powerful personal space, a colourful handmade sanctuary sending positive thoughts and love every time you come close to it. Helping you heal. Day by day.

Every portrait comes with a magic box too. Filled with crafts to make your own ritual.



Ina Gold believes in circles. She believes that when people gather in a circle, all with the same intention, amazing things happen and people heal together.

The circle itself represents a sacred symbol that has been honored throughout time. It is a reminder of the sacredness of the circle of life, the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, the sun, moon, stars, and earth, all things round.

She has been doing Moon Gatherings for a while now, in which people go and do a ritual to celebrate the New Moon or Full Moon and connect with the cycles and their femininity.
She also founded the movement: Love Your Circles in Mexico. As part of the concern of the people about their city and it’s environmental problems, which at the end they all came to the same conclusion: You need to start with yourself in order to change the world.

Sensuary Circles is her newest project. A series of events in which people will connect with their inner child again. Awakening all of their senses by enjoying different colors, music, sensations, smells, herbs, movements, and connections. And by doing it with other people, the intention intensifies and heals everyone faster.

lady gold
By: Dani Anelisse.



Stay gold,