People Inspiring People

I am very excited to present our newest product! People Inspiring People is a collaboration between me and Isa my dear sister from Barcelona. We met in LA more than 10 years ago, and since then every time we see each other it is all about enjoying life, creating, inspiring and lifting each other and we ALWAYS wanted to do something together so here it is! A project that we both believe will inspire many people too…

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“The best revolution you can do these days is to inspire yourself and others by doing what makes you happy.”

– Pipcards

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50 FLASH CARDS: Wonderful combination of drawings and stories for children and grown ups! Includes 4 categories: Art, Music, History and Sports.

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All of the people we admire, our heroes, the great ones, all have been through a lot of stuff in their lives. But sometimes we forget that, and we only see the good things. It is important to embrace everything that happens in our lives, because the struggles are the things that makes us get out of our comfort zone and move us to follow our dreams.
Remember that we are all one, the difference between the ones that make great things is that they believed in themselves, did what they loved and shared their story.


“Find the light even in the darkest room.” – Ina & Isa

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I love doing projects that make me happy and passionate. And this one has been an amazing journey and it is only the beginning… If you want to buy them contact us at PIPCARDS.

Thank you to Martina Muñoz for her magic in her graphic design and production!


Stay gold,


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