ina gold


Everything is a balance. Absolutely everything that exists has a balance between two polarities. The yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine). When we are aware of this, we know that we need both energies to live in harmony.
Femininity is the awakening of all the magical qualities that have been lost in all humans. Our self love, our sensitivity and connection to nature, the unconditional love toward all things, the desire to find inner peace, the enjoyment of the present moment, the honouring of our cycles, our intuition, our rituals, the celebration of our fluids, creation of community among all, enjoyment of our sexuality to the max which is what makes us be creative human beings.
What the world needs is for the masculine and feminine forces to align and balance one another, to become friends with one another, to cooperate and flow together. “We need to believe again. To believe in ourselves. In the magic, in the power of our minds and bodies. To enjoy each one of our emotions. To dance, cry, make love, touch oneself, pleasure yourself daily, eat delicious food, listen to good music, have a garden and to love yourself so much that you’re happy and you want to share that happiness with the entire world.”


Stay gold,


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