New Moon Circle at Sutra Yoga

New Moon CircleNew Moon CircleIMG_0105ina goldIMG_0106IMG_0110New Moon CircleIMG_0108IMG_0111New Moon Circle

What an amazing New Moon Circle we had yesterday. So much healing in listening to each one of you and realizing we are all connected! And the importance of conscious rituals. 🌚🕯🌈✨💖🌿 Thanks to for the amazing space and to the magical team we made. @pauczg @felissie @dannielao @madissonsingleton @michelle_mayoora @theyogahoodmty .

Always have in mind that you are cyclical. Just like the moon, the seasons, the rain, and the flowers. It is a constant renovation of yourself day by day in which you have to embrace whatever happens, and learn from that. It is time we start to listen. To ourselves. To our heart. Stop looking elsewhere, everything is inside of you. Love yourself and everything else will be great. Celebrate the feminine. Celebrate your magic.



Stay gold,


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