ina gold

ENOUGH. Those are the magic words. When a woman says ENOUGH. She starts living her own life. She stops apologizing for being. She starts doing whatever makes HER happy. Enough with explaining herself. Enough with being the victim. Enough with toxic relationships. Enough with limiting herself. Enough with being afraid. ENOUGH. This is our time to be FREE. To choose our vibration, our relationships, our habits, our creations, our way of dressing, our words, our bodies, our pleasures, our ways of thinking. Enough with everything and everyone that no longer helps me grow or brings happy moments to my life. I am ready to let all that go. This is OUR time. To be US. To be free. To be feminine. To be savage. To explore life in our own terms. ENOUGH with competing. Let’s all help each other grow. It is time we heal the wound, our mother nature needs us strong, needs us creative and REAL. Enough with all the bullshit. ENOUGH. I spread this message with self love and support.
For all the men and women out there, in the process of living life, in their own way.


Stay gold,


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