Cacao Ceremony

Last week I attended a magical Cacao Ceremony guided by my dear friend: Mariana Love. It was an amazing experience! The combination of women, circles, healing, wisdom cards, cacao, snacks and love.

ina gold

I love the energy when you get together with women to do something.

cacao ceremony

Mariana brought this incredible Cacao from Guatemala.

cacao ceremonycacao ceremony

Then we had a lovely meditation and goddesses cards that gave us a powerful message.

cacao ceremonycacao ceremonycacao ceremony

Then it was healing time. Each one of us had a personal session.


We talked, we shared, we laughed and we learned.

cacao ceremonycacao ceremonycacao ceremonycacao ceremony

Vegan snacks from Clara. Mmm!

cacao ceremony

Indeed. I create my own world.

If you wish to follow or contact Mariana to have a magical ceremony or a healing session you can do it: HERE.

She also has a group called Empowered Creators on which she shares her wisdom and connects people from around the world.

I love seeing women helping each other grow and heal! What a wonderful world it can be!



Stay gold,


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