Kindred Folks: Marta Nunez

“Instead of becoming more sceptical and agnostic I believe more and more in fairies, witches, ghosts, angels, saints, gods, goddesses and miracles”

– Marta

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Meet Marta Nunez. An amazing woman who had a beautiful store in Bermondsey Street right next to where I was living in London.

Bermondsey Fayre became my favourite place to visit. Everything that you could find in there could be a beautiful self love gift to make you feel loved and happy.

From their incredible aromatherapy section with amazing aromas like lavender and rose garden, their candles that changed the whole vibe of any space in my house, or even their beautiful cards and envelopes that inspired you to write love letters to yourself or someone you love. I even bought a marvellous jacket made by a local female designer that had like girl angels all over… I love it.

But the best part in this store, was her. A woman filled with empowering stories that invited you to sit and listen and then leave the store feeling with a certain something that made you stronger and proud to be a woman.

And how true and awesome it is, that when you talk to other people and share your personal stories, you both heal something inside of you. And this woman helped me feel empowered about what I was doing in that moment. About never loosing my dreams and personal time to do things for myself. Family is amazing, is the best thing, but yourself darling, you cannot miss that, never. Because then everything else fails too.

And her quote: “Instead of becoming more sceptical and agnostic I believe more and more in fairies, witches, ghosts, angels, saints, gods, goddesses and miracles” impressed me a lot, because it is true! Most of the adults now a days, grow up and think they have to be more serious about everything and stop believing in all of those things that we believed when we were kids. But on the contrary, we have to always love our childish side. Because it is the one that connects us to all the magic that this life has to offer. An the more we know and grow, we should realize that there is a loooot of magic and amazing stuff going on. Specially in us women. We have a power and we should awaken it and start using it. Like witches.

So thank you my sweet neighbour, for sharing all of those personal stories and for making my time in London a little bit happier. I loved that street because it really felt like a community. Everyone there knew each other and helped each other.

Thank you Marta!


Stay gold,




2 thoughts on “Kindred Folks: Marta Nunez

  1. Magic and beautiful inside out is the right words to describe Marta that I know for many many years. She helped me regain self confidence, hope and love for life while I was giving up on it. You can’t help but love, respect and admire Marta for her kindness, wit, intelligence, intuition and humanity.
    This world is in great need for people like Marta.


    1. Wow Najat!! Those are very lovely words for her so happy that you too have met her and appreciate what a lovely person she is… gonna show her this message of yours… ❤


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